We see the future Flight Efficiency because we are building it.

Working for our cost-conscious airlines & aviation customers, we are powering a paradigm shift – away from rigid, costly, non-scalable embedded software. We offer and manage a value-based, Software as a Service platform (SaaS) that offers you business insights from your data – to support the single-best business decision…just in time.

Our Objective

An Integrated, Digital Approach to Flight Efficiencies, Cost Efficiencies and Revenue Management by deploying a Software as a Service Solution and delivered as a ‘pay-as-you-use’ model.

fliteX provides a ‘no-cost’ business decision making services on a cloud platform that offers cost-conscious airlines with usable business and saving insights. A value-based ‘pay as you use’ business model

Our Mission

We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible costs, the best mission optimization, and the utmost convenience.

we are on a digital transformation journey to optimize the sky

We see the future Flight Efficiency because we are building it

System Introduction

Traditional on-premise software is inflexible, costly to maintain and more importantly does not scale with the technology changes seen in the design of aircraft and modern-day aviation infrastructure.

fliteX unlocks unique opportunity benefits by leveraging a SaaS business platform for airlines that was designed to free you from the overheads and costs of:

  • costly software outlays,
  • coping with infinitely long ROI for CAPEX costs you can least afford and
  • a seamless integrating business insights into your current decision making environment

Our Services

We offer data-driven cost and revenue optimization insights to add highly disruptive efficiency solutions to your operations side-stepping capital expenditures and a need for mainframe system changes


4d Trajectory optimization for


Billing Services for Airlines


Billing Services for Air Navigation Service Providers

fliteO2- CORSIA

Emissions Management Solutions for Airlines

Why Choose fliteX

The Big Data Platform for Flight Operations

The aviation industry faces some of its worst challenges today. In today’s environment any operational efficiencies or emissions reductions, no matter how small, can only help. Because of the large financial investments and the time retention requirements for ROI to occur, business decision-making systems continue to remain in their legacy state owing to their large overheads and huge ‘switching costs’.

A SaaS Model

The fliteX SaaS Platform unleashes the power of key globally hosted solution-sets that are highly disruptive to beat the performance of traditional legacy mainframe systems, yet complement these current investments and do not seek to displace them. Cost and Business decisions are at best ad-hoc. And that’s mainly due to the lack of the fine science by which gigabytes of flight and business data is assimilated to drive knowledge-based decisions. Inefficient and inadequate handling of extremely complex aeronautical and flight performance data sets – that are changing every minute is one of the drivers.

Transcending the Software & Mainframe Paradigm

The fliteX data platform can efficiently transcend legacy mainframe and vendor software to access raw data streams, bypass disparate legacy systems and correlate external dynamic data sets to deliver key business insights as the most powerful resource in the hands of an airline. And now flitePLAN has changed all that by unblocking legacy systems in the manner in which the multi-million dollar airplanes are programmed and planned to fly. The fliteX Global SaaS Platform solution-set gives airplanes their most economical flight trajectory- each flight, every flight.

Overcoming work-culture Barriers

The airline industry is restricted by the rigid constructs of the many systems in place that allows operations to work. And the mindset of the workforce is framed in by the limitations imposed by these systems. Often well-meaning staff don’t know why they do things, they just do it because they were told to do it.

Become a Partner

Airlines and Air Navigation Services of all sizes and geographical regions can work with fliteX to drive business transformation, optimize flight and time costs without upfront changes to their work environment. You can leverage our Software as a Service Cloud Platform to get valuable decision-making business insights directly into your legacy mainframes.

We debunk the myth of complexity with first-principles simplicity.

Customizable and scalable solutions leveraging ‘big-data’ and dynamic decision-making insights are now within easy reach but no longer costs the earth anymore- It’s all about managing the complexity!

A unique combination of cost optimization techniques that integrates flight-cost optimization supported by powerful on-demand scalable solutions is now an easy option and can be deployed very quickly without the need for long-term contracts, equipment and licensing costs.
Customers have the choice of retaining on-premise systems.

Our Partners