About Us

Our Philosophy

We are on a digital transformation mission to optimize the sky

Working for our cost-conscious airlines & aviation customers, we are powering a paradigm shift – away from rigid, costly, non-scalable embedded software. We offer and manage a value-based, Software as a Service platform (SaaS) that offers you business insights from your data – to support the single-best business decision…just in time.

Our Mission

“We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible costs, the best mission optimization, and the utmost convenience.”

It may sound a lofty and ambitious goal but we have set out on a ‘mission impossible’ to tackle the $4 billion yearly problem of optimizing fuel and operational costs.

Getting there means leveraging advances in globally dynamic aviation data management, cloud computing, and enterprise-level scalable service delivery mechanisms. We achieve this by introducing globally disruptive optimization solutions- but seamlessly into legacy Airline & ANS mainframes at no upfront usage costs.
We love solving challenging problems with first-principles simplicity and creating solutions that address real-life business problems.

We aim to put optimization-driven analytics in the hands of 20 Airline and 5 Air Navigation users by 2020.

Our Story

We are a fast-growing, multi-disciplinary, and visionary team of Airline Flight Dispatch and Operations Center professional based in Canada with a combined DNA of 100 years of international airline expertise for enabling flight efficiencies.

We understand the challenges Airlines are faced with today, of managing cumbersome layers of legacy software and the resources needed to sustain them and large Capex to improve on them.

We come with one shared goal of disrupting the status-quo on how airlines traditionally do business, yet streaming these business insights in a seamless way, fully compatible with current legacy mainframe systems.

We believe this 2nd century of aerospace and flight will be defined by mathematicians, high-fidelity algorithms and highly scalable cloud-hosted delivery mechanisms.


A Team Of Professionals

Bernard Gonsalves

Founder, Director

Entrepreneur and Route Optimization geek. Led several fuel efficiency and trajectory optimization & air traffic management (ATM) programs with IATA and CANSO.

Peter Lay

Co-Founder, Director

Technical ‘guru’ for airline flight planning systems – design, specifications, dispatcher interfaces. Fuel Efficiency champion and evangelist with 30 years of experience at Air Canada and IATA.

Darline Janssens

Director, Marketing and Business Development

Experienced Aviation professional. Aeronautical charges Subject Matter Expert. Led an Agile transformation project. Worked for two legacy airlines (Swissair & Sabena) and 15 years for IATA.