fliteGAINS- Revenue Management for Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs)

The business savings potential stands at 3% or more on billing.

fliteROUTE is just the solution for over 400 innovative, cost-conscious airlines who are looking for flight routing efficiency opportunities and reducing their costs and fuel bill today. We have developed a 4 dimensional flight trajectory optimization solution hosted on a cloud platform, that helps save 2% and more in Fuel, CO2 Emissions and Time

fliteGAINS- Air Navigation Services Revenue Optimization

Most Air Navigation Service units simply do not have a practical means of measuring and managing the problem – i.e. correlating operational flight data siloe’d in Air Traffic Centers with the invoices generated by Finance from a multitude of disparate and mostly manual data sources many weeks later. The inability to detect and validate billing errors can be costly if left undetected. Further, the business insights that we provide through our BI platform to build these processes into future route cost modeling adds business value and results in accurate revenue forecasts and meaningful resource-deployment predictions.

Is Your ANS Billing Process as Efficient as it can be?

Most ANSPs wouldn’t have an answer to this question simply because they don’t measure the efficiency of processes across the lifecycle of the flown flight to point of billing & revenue collection. ANS operational & Finance teams do, in fact, track large volumes of disparate Air Traffic billing data, but not suited for the efficiency of the billing process itself.

Our platform is powered by a dynamic set of data base feeds that addresses these basic ANSP concerns:

» What are the latent causal factors leading to billing errors- data errors and delays
» How can the rate of rejection of outward bills be reduced/eliminated so that the final settled amount is equal to the first billed amount?
» How quickly are we able to raise outward bills?
» Can revenue cycles be optimized and cash flows speeded up- to make delays & disputes a thing of the past?
» Can outdated Policy and charging rules, aircraft fleet & registry database be validated real-time?