fliteROUTE – 4d Trajectory optimization for airlines

The Costs & Revenue – We help you manage it

fliteROUTE is just the solution for over 400 innovative, cost-conscious airlines who are looking for flight routing efficiency opportunities and reducing their costs and fuel bill today. We have developed a 4 dimensional flight trajectory optimization solution hosted on a cloud platform, that helps save 2% and more in Fuel, CO2 Emissions and Time


Average Airline Fuel Bill :

Avd. costs to a Medium airline:


Setup & Usage Costs:

US$ 1,5b

US$ 1,5m Av. Savings

US$ 30m

USD$ 0

4D Flight Trajectory Optimization

The name of the game is no longer flight operations. It is all about scalable operations, where flight plan optimization becomes the nervous system of the airline.

The flitePLAN software solution set gives airplanes their most economical flight trajectory. Which meets an airlines’ cost goals with no compromise to the mission target of flying millions of customers to get them to their destinations- on time… as they would expect. Fixed and variable costs, revenue optimization, speeding up or chasing winds, fuel and payload maximization strategies- it’s all about optimized mesh computing.

fliteX understands the challenges of efficient route planning in small and large networks. Weather changes and airspace and airport capacity constraints appear at short notice.

It can become complex. Customizable and scalable solutions are now within easy reach but no longer costs the earth anymore- It’s all about managing the complexity!

A unique combination of 4D flight optimization techniques, integrates fuel, air traffic and flight-delay cost optimization. Powerful on-demand scalable solutions is now an easy option and can be deployed very quickly without the need for long-term contracts, equipment and licensing costs. Airlines have the choice of retaining on-premise systems.

flight optimization

The globe is decomposed into 5 million arcs and nodes – a complex math problem!


Software as a Service (Saas) solution integration with minimal risks for any airline. A cloud-based solution safely penetrates into an existing airline flifgt planning systems as a complementary product

Airline integration

No Software costs, No Long term contracts, No Capex, No change in current systems, No regulatory impact

Business Model

Revenue-share whereby the airline gains from a ‘pay as you-get benefit’ formula in fuel and time.

Safety and efficiency underpin a constant update and interpretation of aeronautical and meteorological data. By moving away from a paper-based system, an ‘on-the-fly’ refresh of the ever-changing safety data, both aeronautical and meteorological, can make the change easier than you can ever imagined.

We leverage cutting-edge algorithms with contextual steaming data to provide flight cost optimization, helping you dramatically improve fuel burn and all time-dependent costs.

The aircraft trajectory optimization systems used by airlines today were designed over 20 years ago and around routines built for processors of the 1990’s vintage.