Global Flight Route Cost Management

The Impact- we help you measure it

Calculating and verifying ATC Route Charges for an airline is an inherently complex process that requires overlaying a route flown with a multitude of country formulae & diverse rate schedules. Airport and Air Traffic Service charges are estimated to be US$60 billion annually or roughly 11% of airline operating costs.

On a per flight basis, ATC route costs could, at times represent well over 30% of total route costs. Most airlines simply do not have a practical means of measuring and managing the problem – i.e.

correlating operational flight data siloe’d in Ops Centers with the invoices received by Finance from a multitude of countries many weeks later. The inability to verify billing errors can be costly if left undetected. Further, the insights that we provide to build these processes into future route cost modeling adds business value and results in accurate cost forecasts and meaningful CASM predictions.

The Cost ….we help you manage it

We are on a mission to provide a unique and never‐seen before global Route Cost Management Solution.

We leverage a combination of in‐house flight route generation capabilities to provide airline customers for the 1st time ever, with an agile routing ‐ query and analysis platform. Airlines can now query charges, validate invoices or generate forecasts for an entire month or even season using their own flight data and routing preferences.

Our platform is powered by a dynamic set of data base feeds comprising:

» upper winds & temperature influences on distance flown
» aircraft performance to simulate realistic flight trajectories
» airspace and aeronautical features such as worldwide airways and Flight Information Boundaries (FIRs)
» worldwide charging rules and formulae
» currency conversions

Consider the Benefits of a Route Cost Management System:

Accurate query costs for an entire route

» Build & cost your own route scenarios
» Query any aircraft type, any city‐pair
» A choice of statistical or historical weather data
» Benchmark monthly flight plan data to generate individual country billing comparisons
» Generate cost projections for an entire season based on your schedule and overflight country preferences

The fliteGAINS-Airline Rules engine allows & supports

Faster and Accurate invoice validation

Individual route analyses or comparisons- real time

  • Monthly Invoice predictions
  • Seasonal Schedule planning – cost projections
  • BI Analytics to measure KPIs and SLAs


   The five hidden costs of ATC Route Charges

» inaccurate application of formula and data errors
» use of historical & incomplete data-sets rather than real-time fused data
» inaccurate use of aircraft weights & classifications
» payment delays, billing disputes, disruptions in cause resolutions
» invoicing delays causing disruptions in cash flows

Our platform deals with 5 burning questions

» What are the latent causal factors leading to billing errors– data errors and delays
» How can the rate of rejection of outward bills be reduced/eliminated so that the final settled amount is equal to the first billed amount?
» How quickly are we able to raise outward bills?
» Can ‘pseudo- ANS’ invoices be accurately generated and validated in-house – to make delays & disputes a thing of the past?
» Can our worldwide ANS Invoicing cost outlays be validated for each ANSP real-time and for each flight?