fliteX – A suite of Optimized Airline Cost Management Solutions

IATA forecasts the global system-wide operating expenses for over 400 airlines in 2019 to be US$ 822 billion, of which fuel costs represent 25% of expenses at US$ 206 billion and 927 million tonnes in CO2 emissions burned each year.

fliteX offers unique and never-seen-before globally disruptive technology solutions with a negligible intrusive mechanism to penetrate a large market of over 400 airlines and 80 air navigation service providers globally

4D Flight Trajectory Optimization

The name of the game is no longer flight operations. It is all about scalable operations, where flight plan optimization becomes the nervous system of the airline.

The flitePLAN software solution set gives airplanes their most economical flight trajectory. Which meets an airlines’ cost goals with no compromise to the mission target of flying millions of customers to get them to their destinations- on time… as they would expect. Fixed and variable costs, revenue optimization, speeding up or chasing winds, fuel and payload maximization strategies- it’s all about optimized mesh computing.


Likewise, about US$ 12 billion from Air Navigation Charges are generated that are billed and collected by over 80 Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) globally.

The five hidden costs of ATC Route Charges

» inaccurate application of formula
» incorrect application of exchange rates
» inaccurate use of aircraft weights, categories
» improper use of flight schedule data
» over-billing for scheduled flights – but not flown

Air Navigation Services Revenue Optimization

Most Air Navigation Service units simply do not have a practical means of measuring and managing the problem – i.e. correlating operational flight data siloe’d in Air Traffic Centers with the invoices generated by Finance from a multitude of disparate and mostly manual data sources many weeks later. The inability to detect and validate billing errors can be costly if left undetected. Further, the business insights that we provide through our BI platform to build these processes into future route cost modeling adds business value and results in accurate revenue forecasts and meaningful resource-deployment predictions.

Global Flight Route Cost Management

Calculating and verifying ATC Route Charges for an airline is an inherently complex process that requires overlaying a route flown with a multitude of country formulae & diverse rate schedules. Airport and Air Traffic Service charges are estimated to be US$60 billion annually or roughly 11% of airline operating costs.

On a per flight basis, ATC route costs could, at times represent well over 30% of total route costs. Most airlines simply do not have a practical means of measuring and managing the problem – i.e.